Download and Installation

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Latest release version: 3.30

IMPORTANT: If you downloaded Gepasi 3.30 prior to September 20, 2002, then you should download two files:

put these files in the same folder where you installed Gepasi (that's all!).

Gepasi 3 is available for all current Windows versions (95 and above). Click a link below to download the latest distribution.


  1. Download the installation zip file to your computer. (links below)
  2. Unzip the contents of the file to a temporary directory.
  3. Run the program setup.exe on that directory and follow the instructions
  4. If you have an older version of Gepasi already installed, you can install the current version to the same directory and the new version will overwrite the previous.

Site Country Installation zip
(3.03 Mb) U.S.A. (Virginia)
UK Gepasi mirror U.K.

Japonese users: The help file has been translated to Japanese, get it here. Open the zip file and extract the Help file to Gepasi's install directory (usually "Program Files/Gepasi"). Translation courtesy of Manabu Tsukamoto and Dr. Akira wadano at the Laboratory of BioSignal Network,Osaka Prefecture University.

Gepasi under linux!

Yes, it is possible using the Wine emulator. Download this tarball gepasi4wine.tar.gz and untar it in the "Program Files" directory of your Wine installation. Gepasi will run ok, albeit a little slower. More detailed instructions here (WineHQ). This will do until COPASI is here!